Day 2

The start of the garland

Today has been a day of indecisiveness in the creativity stakes. I wanted to start a project for a friend who is having a baby in a fortnight, but for the life of me cannot find the pattern I want anywhere! Instead I spent sometime showing my Mum how to make the flapping bird you can see in the background, so that she’s able to make them without me when she returns home tomorrow. This brought me back to remembering I wanted to learn how to make the globes I’d seen at a website called Poppytalk – so I did 🙂 They are really very simple and I think when I’ve made some more will look really effective hung as a garland somewhere in the house … that decision is a challenge for another day though!

The paper I used is some from the cupboard (I am a magpie for ‘pretty things’ which catch my eye, not always knowing how I’ll use them!) it comes from a pack of craft paper designed by Kate Knight for Dovecraft.

I like origami and it requires repetitive movements, and precision – these things meaning that you must focus all your attention and cannot think of anything else…a definite advantage I’d say!

Update: finished mini project 🙂




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