Day 3


Crochet washcloth for a small person – gift

My inspiration today is the impending birth of a friend’s baby. The stitch is one picked up from Bubblegirl who has some lovely ideas. It’s the same stitch I used last weekend when making a phone case for my Mum (pre-#creative365 project!) and also used when adapting Bubblegirl’s mug cozy pattern as a tea cosy last year.

I’m not sure I will complete this today, but it’s been a pleasant hour or three and I’m sure it will bring pleasure to the recipient!

It’s such a simple, but effective stitch – a double then a treble, skip a stitch – giving a pretty rippled edge if left, or it could be squared up as Bubblegirl does by doing a round of the outside before finishing. Combined with the self-striping cotton yarn, it will make a cheery and gentle wash cloth for a new baby.

I picked up crochet late – it always looked so complicated, until I tried, with immense patience from my Mum (there is so much I could learn on this basis from her!) and picked it up relatively easily. I’ve found some brilliant books via the library which show clearly how to complete various stitches. What pleases me is that, like chunky yarn when knitting, crochet tends to grow quite quickly – I have been known to be impatient (see earlier!).

Keeping my hands busy also prevents me from snacking – I worked hard to lose boredom weight, and this helps keep it off!

And, finished…



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