Day 4


Crochet star from A Foothill Home Companion

Today has been one of those days filled with people and whiling away hours over coffee. A morning spent walking in the rain and drying out before walking in the rain once more. An afternoon completing yesterday’s project and drinking tea. 

It came to me that each day perhaps ought to bring a new project – though as the year (even this next week) progresses that may become untenable. Just now it feels like my moments of creativity ought to be tangible, something which could be complete and clearly hold a purpose. I’m not sure that this is sustainable, reasonable or necessary though. I already know what tomorrow’s creative moment will be, just because it’s a baking day for a birthday. But after that, I return to work and so, by necessity, time will become truncated. Doodling will be reasonable then – even just five minutes!

Because it felt that finishing yesterday’s project didn’t ‘count’ I sought inspiration from my Pinterest boards … only to realise that whilst I often like the look of something, I don’t always feel inspired to make it myself, or it takes too long, or involves items I don’t own. Either way I think maybe I have the last weekend of the holidays-itis 🙂

In the end I chose to test out this little crochet star I found a long while ago, so simple, so quick, I reckon it might make a delightful length of simple bunting, or Christmas tree decorations? The recipe (personal habit, can’t help myself, everything, cooking – baking – knitting – sewing – crochet is a ‘recipe’!) comes from A Foothill Home Companion.


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