Day 7


Simple, easy, effective, quick – just how I like week day sewing!

Inspiration today arrived from thinking about ideas for activities accessible to teenagers with no/limited crafting experience … as I approached home I began to think about flowers. How could I make a simple flower which could be a brooch or a hair slide?

From the recesses of my memory – where I can visualise instructions I’ve seen somewhere, sometime, in a magazine, book or online – I recalled a design which called for using circles of fabric. I’ve created flowers before using circles, which are less challenging than you might think to make accurate – jam pot lids are a perfect size! My previous plan used the circles folded into quarters, 6-8 circles tucked inside a fold in opposite directions and fastened (sewn) together at their points. The circles can then be fanned out and arranged into a flower shape with a button in the centre.

Today’s plan is different though, same circles folded twice, but this time stitching along the curved side and pulling tight, 6 ‘petals’ (circles) in a row, then the button stitched to the centre before carefully fastening a brooch back to the reverse. Simple.

I may have to make a few more and stash them away ready as small gifts for those moments you just need something.


6 circles of fabric cut using a jam pot lid, needle, thread, button and brooch back – done!

I do love to sew – I learnt at my mother’s knee, she had a beautiful old Singer, which my father had made electric as part of her wedding gifts I think. The most beautiful curves to the machine, with fabulous inlay. Sad to say the machine is long gone – a victim of an over zealous moment – but one day I hope I might have another…Mum encouraged me to make things and allowed me independence in sewing items together, after helping me to design patterns on newspaper. I still like to personalise the ‘recipes’ and happily create my own patterns on brown paper or newspaper.

This is highly unlikely to be my last adventure in sewing creativity!

Just as I finish I realise I’ve made it a week – and in that week I’ve used 5 different methods to express my creativity – feel pretty good about that!


Couldn’t help myself, second time better…


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