Day 8


Simple crocheted chains, joined at the end

Struggled today, tired I guess, feeling a little Wednesday 🙂 then I thought about how I enjoyed wearing my new flower brooch today and wondered what else I could make quickly that might be wearable. A while ago I saw a necklace on a blog called Creative Yarns where she’d made similar, but with a flower attached. Testing as I went along, this is what I ended up with – perhaps another time I might thread some beads on, or make the lengths longer and add a flower like Creative Yarns did. Simple loop at the end, the addition of a button and et voila! 

Here I began with 87 chain. then added 3-4 chains in each subsequent length, connect the final three chains of each length to the one before with a double crochet. You could adapt this for longer or more lengths, multiple colours, maybe add the fabric flowers from yesterday!


Purple cotton (aran weight) crochet necklace – button fastening


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