Day 11


Decorating the kitchen window…

Inspired by my paper-folding and decorating of last week a viewing of the kitchen window inspired me to create this today. I do have a little obsession with these birds, just 10 folds each and here they are, and they really do flap – you hold their chest and pull the tail and the wings do a grand job of attempting flight.

Although I’ve scoured the internet I can’t find instructions for this particular bird – I learnt it from a book…but other instructions do exist for similar birds 🙂

This is the third item I’ve made since the beginning of the challenge which is now decorating my abode, and I am thoroughly enjoying seeing them. They are the very clear benefits of the #creative365 idea. Though true, if I continue this way for all 354 days remaining, I’ll not be able to get into my home!

The remainder of the afternoon will be supporting my recovery (see yesterday) with even more honey drenched lemon tea, and reading through all the lovely crafting books I own – seeking inspiration. 


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