Day 22


License plate guitar, handmade by my good friend

I’ve a splendid friend who loves to play guitar, not only to play guitar but now he also loves to make them. Lovingly handcraft an instrument of music and joy. He plays for fun, for hours – it’s his hobby, and whilst humble in his skills, is really very good. Each week he gets together with another friend and they mess around for a few hours, playing tunes they like, ones they’ve played before and working out new tunes. This evening they allowed me to join them for a sing (I don’t play the guitar…though apparently I’m maybe to learn to play a chord or three!). I love to sing, and will sing anywhere and all the time – sometimes I’m not even aware of the notes emanating from my body! 

To me this evening very definitely counts as an evening of creativity – and I’ve loved every moment of it. 


He loves his guitars and now owns several – and of course, the ones he’s making!


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