Day 23


almost as pretty on the inside …


…as it is on the outside

Today’s #creative365 moment is brought to you courtesy of a friend’s birthday this weekend. She’s a star, an inspiration, always entertaining, intelligent, and self-deprecating, we’ve been friends for pretty much twenty years. She deserves at the very least a card which is as unique as she. As to a gift – well that, I confess, I am still mulling over! Unfortunately she doesn’t live near enough to deliver a birthday biscuit message easily…like so many I fear she might be receiving a belated gift 🙂

What I delight in with this is how effective the stitching looks on the inside of the card – almost as pretty as the outside! I ‘dropped the feed dogs’ those of you of a stitching persuasion will know what this means – for those who don’t, it means freehand stitching, moving the card beneath the needle rather than moving in a straight line. I first saw how to do this via Poppy Treffry maker based in Cornwall who makes gorgeously designed freehand stitched items. 


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