Day 24


Pencil outline

Seems like Friday might be doodle day! The Sketches app is simply brilliant, with so much more than other sketching apps I’ve seen. Though I am a fan of Paper53 as evidenced last week, I think this app may be more creative immediately with what it provides you for free!


Over the top …

Although I studied Art to A Level drawing really wasn’t my ‘thing’ and I never really tried watercolours either, so not sure I really have the hang of it yet 🙂


too much? possibly I think

The app has pencil, crayon, fineliner, watercolour brush, felt tip – all you could want for creative fun!

Below is my first attempt … I think I improved, didn’t I? 😉 I like the freedom afforded messing around on an app – lacks commitment I guess.

I think all told my favourite is the second stage…



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