Day 26

Today's creation :)

Today’s creation 🙂

It’s a letter, to my no. 1 niece. I love letters, as a little girl my Granny wrote me a letter every month – I still have them all kept safely in a box upstairs. My Godmother would write me letters, folded in intricate ways. At university my friends and I wrote letters to each other – even the boys! Receiving a letter brightened the day – made sitting down with a cuppa a genuine pleasure. I miss those letters – and in the past couple of years I’ve made a concerted effort to make sure that I write several every month.

I’m fascinated by hand lettering and love to make birthday cards and lettering as interesting as possible. This afternoon I’ve done a little inspirational research – Pinterest is a great place 🙂 and this is what I’ve created…

Tegan's letter

Tegan’s letter

A section for each little bit of news – folded into an envelope of its own creation, sealed with washi tape (another minor obsession!). 

Washi taped 'envelope'

Washi taped ‘envelope’

I started with her name in the centre (everything being done in pencil – I felt a little terrified of going over in pen, for fear of going wrong!)

The beginning

The beginning

The plan grew from here, as I thought about filling the page with lettering – so next I thought about the things from my recent news I’d like to share with her and this is the result:

I particularly liked how the ‘Play’ ended up looking (quite unintentionally!) like a face…

Then I wrote about each topic, and it fitted beautifully – which pleased me immensely 🙂 

Finally I grasped my courage in both hands and inked in the lettering and accompanying doodles! Released the breath I had held throughout the inking, when it all came together with no smudges. I left the pencil lines underneath because I like the look of it – another time I might be less inclined – I think it would depend on the overall ‘look’ of my page and how aesthetically pleasing I found it. 


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