Day 32

Great British Bake Off Recipes...

Great British Bake Off Recipes…

Today I’ve finally made a new recipe! I’ve actually followed a recipe from beginning to end!!! A friend gave me this recipe book for my birthday – I love them for inspiration but as I’ve probably mentioned before, I’m not so good at following them to the letter… As there is a birthday to bake for next weekend, and I’ve my cousin visiting this weekend, I thought I’d give it a go and see how it turns out! 

Apparently it’s better when you wait 24 hours – this waiting might be challenging! It smelt divine whilst baking, though I think the lack of precision in the temperature or a few minutes too long means it may be slightly over baked 🙂 

Made another load of soda bread too, as we enjoyed it for breakfast this morning, and polished it off for late lunch! 

It’s strange that I’m quite happy to be on top of tidying and washing-up when I’ve visitors, so much more so than when it is just me here – I think I like having people to look after. 

Tomorrow will be finishing Mum’s letter and organising a housewarming gift for friends who moved house recently. Until then – happy weekending folks…


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