Day 35


New Home Card

Been making sewn cards this evening – finishing last night’s make and creating a new card. Friends moved house recently – they sent their change of address card last week – it’s taken until now to get properly organised as I made a card last week which I wasn’t overly keen on. This one comes from a Poppy Treffry idea in her first book about free machine embroidery. 

Weighty green fabric, navy blue corduroy for the body of the house, a couple of spots for windows and some Cath Kidston print lawn for the roof. The whole stitched around as if sketched with electric blue embroidery thread. This is then wrapped around a card, with a slightly smaller piece of card inside to sandwich the fabric – the whole stitched around. 

It made me realise how I could finish last evening’s ‘welcome’ to the new baby too. All in all a happy evening of creativity. 

Finished card and gift

Finished card and gift


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