Day 37


Doodling letters

I’ve been doodling again – on the iPad I confess, as opposed to pencil and paper! Another birthday approaches, so thinking about lettering for embroidery or paper based, I am as yet undecided. I thought it might be nice to make something to keep, perhaps to hang on a wall – toying with ideas. 

Then I got to doodling my hand as I held the iPad, whilst studying art A Level (several moons ago now!) I became quite adept at this particular view, I used it to focus myself, practise my observation – never any good at faces, I quite enjoyed the angles and curves of a hand. This week at work I observed an art teacher discussing concentration with a group of intervention students. He talked about how important it is to look, let your mind relax and see – he talked of exercises he completes with his students and it got me thinking once more about how much I loved to paint particularly, and how proud I felt when I produced a still life entirely in pencil.


Doodling hands



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