Day 39

Black cotton crochet coasters

Black cotton crochet coasters

So the trial last evening had to come apart as I’d made an error – but I’ve made a complete set today, I like them! Think I may have to make something similar for myself in a different colour. I think the friend they are intended for will really like them as they marry modernist monochrome with ‘old-fashioned’ craft. 

Once I got going they were really quick, well about 30 minutes a piece – I reckon that’s quick 🙂 They’re just four rounds each in variations of trebles. I’m mostly impressed that they are the same size. If I make them for me I think I might use a magic loop for the centre so that it can be pulled tight – there would be no hole. Worth experimenting with anyway.

I’ve also been baking this evening – a lemon cake with lemon drizzle topping and grated white chocolate! Friends are coming around the dinner, so we need dessert!!! There will be more baking tomorrow – that will be my creative time. A birthday cake for the recipient of the coaster and I’ve promised some cupcakes for sale at work – ah the things we promise 🙂


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