Day 47

I’m going with the ‘art’ category today. It’s my Dad’s birthday and I’ve travelled home to see him. An epic (kind of) journey across two days. I’ve seen some floods, a little rain, and LOTS of sun, which has been simply glorious. Oh to drive whilst wearing sunglasses *happy sigh*. Snowdrops in verges bringing the springtime with them. I’ve spent time with friends and family, enjoyed laughter and hugs.

Been privileged today to read some of the letters written by my grandfather to my grandmother in the weeks before they were married. Now that has been illuminating, seeing a side to him I never saw as a child, or teenager, whilst he was alive. It tugged at my heart, I missed him, the parts of him I never knew and will never know as he is long gone from this life. To me all of these things has filled the ‘creative’ brief, topped off with painting my nails in a way I find creative 🙂 I’m cultivating a cold and really have no energy or inspiration for anything further today, tomorrow though…that’s another story, I’ve plans for my Mum!



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