Day 48


Mum asked for cake. Well, I say ‘asked’ …we went out for lunch yesterday for Dad’s birthday, Eccles cakes were one of the desserts, Mum and Dad both liked the idea, but also liked other desserts. We brought two home. Chef made them specially and we were dispatched with instructions on how to bake them. Now my Mum hates putting the oven on ‘without good reason’ so 10 minutes just for a couple of Eccles cakes she couldn’t have borne, so, the solution, bake something else at the same time – lemon drizzle cake!

Strange baking in someone else’s kitchen…and in the meanwhile this afternoon the cold which has been threatening her health has arrived with a vengeance, so she really does deserve cake! With the someone else’s kitchen comes someone else’s oven, slightly overdone edges – fixed with a trim and taste test from me 🙂




5 thoughts on “Day 48

    • Going to taste in a minute 🙂 icing = juice of half a lemon, sieved icing sugar, about 3-4 tablespoons, until the consistency is as you’d like…easy peasy 🙂

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