Day 49


Getting ready

Slightly different today. My creative time has come from teaching my Mum how to make herself an embroidery hoop picture for her bedroom. We’ve not completed the project entirely but begun well. She’s tried her hand at the machine for the first time in well over a decade, possibly more like two! She’s made a good start getting to grips with a little freehand stitching. We’ve created the design and I think there’s every chance that tomorrow she’ll decide she wants to make a second!


Cutting out

We began with Mum drawing and cutting out the template for her petals.


Adding extras


Design coming together

Having cut out the petals we had a quick debate about how many, and finally settled on seven. Then we had a little search through some buttons I bought yesterday and her buttons to find something to use as the centre. All this organised we fixed some of the patterned fabric to the bottom half of the plain – giving Mum an opportunity to get to grips with straight lines to begin with. Only after learning how to thread the machine …


Getting to grips with threading a machine


Almost there


Fabric ready

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