Day 86

Managed the zip – proud of myself. However, it had confirmed that is is in fact too small for me, so this is to be relegated to a toile…I know where to cut the pattern differently next time. I also added a skirt lining as the top was too light, I realise I need to handle this differently too. There’s a vent at the back, and the two don’t fit together the way I’ve added the lining, neither does the zip go in quite properly. Pleased it’s made it this far. On the other hand, I’m extremely pleased that the zip fits with the waistband level!

I was gifted some lovely grey fabric a while ago, a wool base and a ‘satin’ to match. I’m thinking these would make a perfect version of this dress…so that might appear soon, or perhaps in the autumn. This weekend I want to take a look at the jacket pattern and my linen, as this will be lovely for Spring.



Of course, after dinner I will be knitting again, oh, and I need to finish the Mother’s Day gift to pop into the post tomorrow!


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