Day 91

I am happy to report that the legwarmers were well received at the birthday party this afternoon. They were immediately donned and not removed for the duration! Promises that they shall be worn to dancing on Saturday. This delightful little girl has also been gifted a sewing set and a knitting set for her birthday – about both she is very excited. This pleases me immensely. 🙂 I returned home to pin out the remaining linen into a paper bag skirt pattern, next up is to ponder how to sort out the fastening. I also baked another round of cakes as I had frosting left from Sunday and my good friend at work suggested he’d like them with chocolate chips, so we’re giving it a go!


Finally I’ve been promising myself letter writing, so I’ve written a couple including one for niece no. 3. Surprised today to find that no one has ever taught my Yr7 tutor group to address an envelope properly, so I think we’ll have a letter writing project.



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