Day 99

My creative side has been sparked today by a visit to a fabric shop. My refreshed affair with sewing has left me daydreaming of another dress…or two….or three. Today I visited a fabric shop I’d seen before, but not visited, immediately realising why it’s good I hadn’t visited before! Full of joyous finds, I plotted and planned in my head why I might make, selecting roll upon roll before finally thinning them out to just 3. Searching my memory to remind myself how much fabric I’ll need for each of the patterns I have at home, or indeed a copy of something I already own. The fabrics I chose made my creative sing…in other news, there has also been tea and cake, time with friends, invaluable for functioning creativity for me.



2 thoughts on “Day 99

  1. That is all such GOOD stuff for the soul and mental well-being! Good for you! Getting that sewing flow to come back is always great, I can relate 😉

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