Day 102

The most important task of the day today has been packing up Mum’s birthday box, with the Easter gifts for bro, sis-in-law and nieces 1 & 3 stowing away with the birthday gifts. Her shell top I made a few weeks ago, a jar of marmalade and a few Easter eggs.
I’ve also been making little Easter gifts for nieces 2 & 4 who asked for small bags to hold their wrist guards and shorts for gymnastics. They didn’t take long, though the task was held up by the fact that the new bulb I finally put in the sewing machine (just the 2 years or so without one!) then blew the fuse! So I had to go fetch some fuses as hadn’t a clue where I’ve put the ones I thought I had! At least this meant a little fresh air and exercise…






Once I had the package all sealed up I moved on to project for me…yep, another one, though now a dress this time. I have a top from White Stuff which I adore – the neckline is genius, and the Sewing Bee the other week where they had them make patterns to copy favourite items of clothing inspired me! Worked out what seems like a workable paper pattern, and discovered that the viscose I bought definitely fits both pieces in under a metre – and this fabric only cost me £4.20 a metre! It’s a gorgeous colour, and sews relatively easily. I’ve tacked it together just to check, and it seems to be hanging and fitting pretty well. Tomorrow I’ll work out how I’ll finish the seams and it’ll be ready to wear 🙂




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