Day 105

Taking care of the nieces is a splendid way to spend a day or three, even when we’ve to vacate the premises for an hour at 8:15am! The playground twice today, and yes, I had a go on the zip wire and slid down the slide….twice! The sister-in-law had a birthday over the weekend, but no cake! The girls enjoy some baking, so together we created what we like to think of as a masterpiece 🙂 We designed the cake in conversation to and for the park, a layer of plain, a layer of chocolate. Plain buttercream on top, chocolate in the middle and on the sides. Fudge pieces to write the Happy Birthday and white choc chunks to outline the edges…. the surprise in the middle being that we used a scone cutter to cut the centre out of each layer and swap them over, I can confirm it tastes yummy!








In other news I’ve finished a mini facecloth (face requires cleaning!) and almost completed a hanging bird as a gift for a newborn, arrived last week!




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