Day 152

All sorts today as a friend came over for an afternoon of chat and crafting!
Before she arrived I had started cutting out the shorts I planned a little while ago.

As we were chatting the sewing machine was out of bounds…so I finally got around to stitching this piece of crochet to the neckline of the top I made a couple of months ago.

Then I messed around with the necklace pattern, thinking adding shells to the final row could look good.

I’m not sure, I think it should all be longer to hang lower, I might mess with it a little more…
When she’d left I felt the urge to start stitching the shorts (I’d meant to leave it until another day, but couldn’t help myself) and if I didn’t think about the introductions too deeply they made perfect sense! I placed a deadline on myself though and decided to stop for dinner, I’ll get back to them tomorrow 🙂


I may need a different colour zip though…this could be a contrast too far!


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