Day 159

Getting very ahead of myself here, niece no. 3 has a birthday in about 6 weeks, but the plan and the fabric have been around for several months already! I realised that with sizes available on this pattern from age 8 – 16 I would be unwise to cut out just the one. This brought a moment or three of wondering how to get around it, until I remembered how easily a sharpie marker pen sinks through pattern tissue…so I’ll be tracing each piece on to newspaper! The legs are done, just a few pieces to go!





She’s quite the outdoors girl, likes nothing better than clambering in trees, so a pair of trousers with elastic at the ankles and plenty of pockets for stashing exciting finds seemed appropriate. If there’s enough fabric I may indulge the top too. Somewhere I’ve seen a pattern for a ‘tool’ belt of pockets and spaces to store things, may have to look that up too 🙂


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