Day 191

Card writing to go with the new small bod gift for the other hemisphere…


Then a little baking – final meeting with my SLT link tomorrow – and we’ve been separated for next year! It’ll be nice to have a little treat whilst we discuss all the things that … who am I kidding? We’re unlikely to discuss anything of any work consequence tomorrow! I should point out – it tastes better than it looks – based on this Merchant Gourmet recipe for chestnut chocolate brownie…

Chocolate chestnut brownie

Finally I’ve completed my top…sometimes letting the idea just sit for a while makes all the difference. First off I scooped out the front and back necklines into a shallow curve, then joined the shoulders together – slipped it on, and gosh – all the difference!

Paisley summer top

Then I looked at it a moment more and realised what was missing to bring the neckline in a little bit and have it hanging less from the shoulders – a few pleats in the front and a single deep pleat in the back of the neckline…it may well be my new favourite top!

All finished

Unintentionally I’ve managed to have it echo my collarbone – can’t wait to pop it on tomorrow!








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