Day 365

Wow. It’s here. Gosh. Busy day with this and that. Made a salmon mousse for the first time this morning, so reckon that counts. Finished my pink net petticoat for wearing tonight (which I am wearing under the frock I made back at Easter!). Made a small flower to decorate it. Happiness. Contentment. Feels like quite a monumental achievement. 365 days unbroken, but for Internet issues for posting at times. Anyway, tomorrow shall be time for reflection. Tonight, enjoying people.








Day 364

Penultimate day, I can barely believe it. Working on the underskirt a little more today, taken it all apart and putting it back together…this time just two layers, and spread across twice the distance. Tomorrow I may add another couple of layers over the top – gradual increase! Also the hem I think needs to be cut into, break it up a little, we’ll see.



Day 363

I bought a dress several years ago now, never worn it as it never seemed to sit right. Finally wore it as part of my costume for the staff panto at the end of term with a net tutu underneath – different dress! So, I decided I might make one for myself to wear underneath it this NYE. A trip out to the fabric shop, some in depth research on the Internet and this afternoon, away I went! There’s a chance I stretched the elastic a little far, and there are perhaps too many layers at the top…so, might need revisiting! Either way, it’s quite fun to wear!


Got to love something which stands up all by itself!

Day 362

Threaded together my stars, made a few more, strung them across the ceiling to finish off the hallway bunting. Now half hearts, half stars. Then I decided to make one of those tissue paper flowers like Kirstie was making in her Crafty Christmas show…






I can hardly believe there’s only 3 more days of this challenge, not sure how I’ll feel about it being over! There’s been thoughts of new challenges, I’d like to think I’ll stick with them like I’ve stuck with this! Still pondering what they’ll be and how (if at all) I might record them.

Day 359

Christmas Day you say? Indeed, but still time for a little creativity…thinking about a star garland to hang permanently in the hallway at home! That will have to wait until I return there though! It’s been a stunning day, including a lovely walk beside the sea. Merry Christmas people, I hope you find blessings this holiday season and into the coming year. May the light shine upon you.



Made a Christmas list this year, including this lovely item, thank you Mum!


Already planning some lovely creativity with this…. 🙂

Day 357

Christmas baking whilst nieces 2&4 did tidying this morning. Biscuits are Nigella’s butter cut-out cookies. A little added ginger and cinnamon, substituted half the caster sugar for soft dark brown sugar. Perfect. Even left them a whole block of dough in the freezer for another day!

Did a little alteration on the pom-pom garland, stitching them to a whipped chain. Also stitched the ends of the headband together! All these finishing bits 🙂

Niece no. 2 has decided to stick some of her stars back to back with a little hanging loop to give to friends she’ll see tomorrow. Great idea I think. Spread the creative joy!IMG_2685.JPG




Day 356

Hanging out with nieces 2&4. Today niece 2 has become intrigued with making the stars, the globes have been turned into bunting for her room, the stars are the next project – though she’s running out of hanging space!

I, meanwhile, have been making a pompom garland with m’new pompom makers! I like. Also finishing up the headband/ear warmer gift from yesterday. Pattern from Ravelry. I’ve knitted it as mentioned yesterday using Adriafil angora, it’s used just a little less than a 25g ball, knit on 5.5mm needles as it’s for a 6/7yr old. Also finished it at 19 stitches across, rather than 21. I like it, I may have to make further in the original chunky as gifts for grown up peeps.