Month 3

A month filled with ideas for projects. New fabric. Old ideas remade. Little to show but a starting point.  These patterns loitering since last year, finally begun. The fabric was a gift to my mother from Spain I believe, sometime in the Seventies. Eventually it will become Simplicty 1652, with a tweak here and there. Made up the lining so far to check the process…the rest to  

spent a little time making adjustments to the tie I made for my brother two Christmases ago, now and again it can take a little while to make a project good!

I do hope he’s going to like it, if not I’m certain I can find a willing recipient somewhere! Meanwhile, there has been a visit to Ditto Fabrics in Brighton. This is, quite possibly, my favourite fabric shop of any I’ve visited in my crafting career! I’ve purchased another round of fabrics, a gorgeous navy blue cotton and a grey pinstripe (Paul Smith!) for summer work dresses – there are ideas swirling for the navy and the grey will be another Simplicity 1652. Finally this utterly gorgeous sail boat pattern for a summer skirt. I can hardly wait!