About #creative365

Today, whilst enjoying a day of genuine relaxation – no tasks required, other than the basic eating and sleeping – I completed a project. Not unusual for me in a year, but unusual in the everyday, or at least, unusual to be noted in the everyday. As I have sat, music playing, hands busy creating, I came up with this idea.

I am notorious for magpie-ing ideas, gathering them safely for ‘one day’ then letting these ideas sit untouched as daily existence ‘gets in the way’. Well, not this year, this is the year in which I exercise my creativity in a mindful way, each day. 

I shall create something every day for 365 days. There are no limits to this creativity (at least, none I’ve thought of yet) it could be a photograph, a piece of writing, making something different in the kitchen, crochet, knitting, doodling – these are just the things I enjoy. I hope other people might inspire me as this year progresses. 

Perhaps others might join me on the journey, at least part of the way #creative365  

Update – 1 January 2015

My year is done – this blog may not be updated further – I’ve one final round up post to write in a little while, and some thinking to do about a new project. I’ve few ideas, so stay posted! Thank you to any and all visitors this past year and any who happen upon my blog in future. Thank you for all the likes and the comments – I blogged to hold myself accountable, without thought that others may read about my creative exploits, the reach of this blog has humbled me indeed. Thank you for travelling with me, even just a little bit.

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