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Day 61


Finished knitting the matching hat today. Crocheted seams on the outside, little bit ‘tough’ looking for a small boy 🙂 The straight seam should form ‘ears’ once on a small bod’s head


I used an adult recipe as my inspiration, just smaller yarn and needles and a whole lot shorter! It’s a simple rectangle or 2×2 rib, slightly smaller needles for first 4 rows so a little tighter, then 4 row stripes. The yarn is Rico creative cotton Aran, it comes in gorgeous colours and is really reasonable!

The full set

Day 60

A friend saw the booties I’d been making and commissioned me to make a pair for her new great-nephew, so here they are. She’s asked for a matching hat, so I picked up the knitting needles and made a start – should be finished tomorrow 🙂

I’ve had a splendid day, making this morning, lunch with friends followed by afternoon tea with another friend. Just made it home in time to fling some dinner in the oven (fingers crossed it’s cooked in time) before heading out to the cinema with folks. That’s a pretty great Saturday I reckon…