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Day 19

Rolling out …
…interesting how different it looks with choc chips
…looking good…

I guess a ‘rule’ or, at the least, ‘habit’ might be forming – baking Sunday! Today I developed the recipe a little more, tweaking it with chocolate chips, dark and white. It made rolling out an interesting experience…and also the biscuits are a little deeper than previous. They’ll make my meeting at the end of the day tomorrow go well I hope! 

This is not all I’ve done today though, the day dawned brightly with sun, blue skies and calm seas. We went for a walk to end our weekend away – and I took some photos as the light and the sky were just as I adore them…

Day 12

Making Mondays better...
Making Mondays better…

More time recuperating today … and preparing for tomorrow. Thinking how I might make Monday better for all of us in the office – biscuits! This is the first ‘repetition‘ in this #creative365 experiment, but you know, that’s ok – and besides, I messed with the recipe a little bit 😉

I think I get the desire to nurture others through food from my Mum, she’s always welcomed friends and extended family into our home to eat and spend time with us, even at short notice!

I really am having fun with my letter press cookie cutters 🙂 

Day 5

New cookie cutters - block printing letters.
New cookie cutters – block printing letters.

Today is preordained creativity – a very good friend’s 40th Birthday, cause for celebration, and to get out my baking things. I treated myself to cookie cutters just before Christmas – they create block print style biscuits, perfect for writing messages. Over Christmas they were used to make Christmas cookies with initials so everyone knew whose biscuit belonged to whom – cause for excitement with the nieces looking for their initials! This comprised part 1 of my creativity for the day, a message of birthday wishes for the birthday boy!

Part 2 was to make his card nice and personal (though I have since realised I completely forgot to sign it! *smacks head with hand*). I love writing letters and cards for people, and just now I’m all about the striping and dotting letters..

And yes...just realised I forgot to sign it!
And yes…just realised I forgot to sign it!

Part 3 involved baking his birthday cake – I haven’t baked an actual cake in a while (it’s been mostly cupcakes or soda bread) so I had to actually buy a couple of sandwich tins, guess I’ll have to do some more baking! Inspired by his love of chocolate cake it became chocolate chip with chocolate cream cheese icing, made with melted chocolate…

Double chocolate chip cake with chocolate cream cheese 'frosting'
Double chocolate chip cake with chocolate cream cheese ‘frosting’

My part done, another friend cooked a feast of a roast dinner which we all enjoyed before the delight of dessert…