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Day 239

Finished the hat, realising I really ought to use the smaller size needles for the starting ribbing…need to buy some then! Either way, I’m enjoying the crochet around the brim and the pom pom. Hoping the grown ups belonging to the small bod like it too 🙂

IMG_2372.JPGI also realised there were a couple rows where I missed the purl stitches 🙂

Day 140

Not so much creative as frustrating today. Thought I’d take a go at cutting out the fabric for a dress, only to realise (again) that there isn’t quite enough…so either it’ll have to be a skirt, or perhaps I’ll do the back of the bodice as a plain panel same as the lining will be. If I put the zip at the side as well, rather than the back, perhaps I could embroider something on the back with the lovely neon threads 🙂 Worth thinking about I guess, especially as I have no idea what I would wear with it if it were a skirt!