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Day 42

Finishing up yesterday's project
Finishing up yesterday’s project

So yesterday I was messing around with some paper cutting, and this ‘happy birthday’ began to take an interesting form as the letters stood up. Today I finished off cutting it out and decided to attach it to a piece of black card – attached with some glue tape, some of the letters would have stayed stuck down altogether so I dug out some star ‘glitter’ I’ve had since forever (I think since I was about 9!) and stuck stars on to all the exposed glue. 

Starry birthday
Starry birthday

I didn’t want all the letters to stay stuck when removed from the envelope. I had almost forgotten about the ‘glitter’ pieces, there are stars and hearts. I remember being given them as a child – I still have them because partly I didn’t have ideas on how to use them, but also because I remember thinking them so pretty I didn’t want to ‘waste’ them. This is a tendency I work hard at shaking – it’s not something I struggle with so much these days, holding on unnecessarily!

Paper cut Cinderella standing out
Paper cut Cinderella standing out

On the ‘front’ I’ve fixed the Cinderella paper cut from yesterday, I like how it stands out against the black. Hoping the recipient likes it too, but I’ve had fun making it. Then of course we need to make the envelope equally pretty …

Day 30

Creative letter writing to Mum…

Inspired by my letter writing of the weekend and having a pattern or two to send I’m making a start on a letter to Mum. A start only as today has been a ridiculously long day…and soon I must retire to my bed with a good book 🙂

Day 26

Today's creation :)
Today’s creation 🙂

It’s a letter, to my no. 1 niece. I love letters, as a little girl my Granny wrote me a letter every month – I still have them all kept safely in a box upstairs. My Godmother would write me letters, folded in intricate ways. At university my friends and I wrote letters to each other – even the boys! Receiving a letter brightened the day – made sitting down with a cuppa a genuine pleasure. I miss those letters – and in the past couple of years I’ve made a concerted effort to make sure that I write several every month.

I’m fascinated by hand lettering and love to make birthday cards and lettering as interesting as possible. This afternoon I’ve done a little inspirational research – Pinterest is a great place 🙂 and this is what I’ve created…

Tegan's letter
Tegan’s letter

A section for each little bit of news – folded into an envelope of its own creation, sealed with washi tape (another minor obsession!). 

Washi taped 'envelope'
Washi taped ‘envelope’

I started with her name in the centre (everything being done in pencil – I felt a little terrified of going over in pen, for fear of going wrong!)

The beginning
The beginning

The plan grew from here, as I thought about filling the page with lettering – so next I thought about the things from my recent news I’d like to share with her and this is the result:

I particularly liked how the ‘Play’ ended up looking (quite unintentionally!) like a face…

Then I wrote about each topic, and it fitted beautifully – which pleased me immensely 🙂 

Finally I grasped my courage in both hands and inked in the lettering and accompanying doodles! Released the breath I had held throughout the inking, when it all came together with no smudges. I left the pencil lines underneath because I like the look of it – another time I might be less inclined – I think it would depend on the overall ‘look’ of my page and how aesthetically pleasing I found it.