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Day 365 +1

Time to reflect on the journey – WordPress kindly furnished me with a summary of my year – showing me the infographics and so on which illustrate my year. I am so proud that I managed to stick with it – even on the days where I could barely breathe for tiredness – a little doodle, a small moment made a difference to me. I didn’t talk much with people about the project, it had enough meaning, weight and challenge just held close to myself. Mentioned now and again – I’m not sure people necessarily understood the commitment, the intent or the effort involved in keeping going. Talking about it today, the question posed – would I continue. The answer, well, of course. Creativity had been an integral part of life even before the challenge – though certainly not as formally or determinedly as this challenge made it. Perhaps it may not involve something literally every day – but the creativity will continue, it cannot help but continue. Into this next year though, I think there will be new challenges. More of those in a moment.

I’ve created with food, paper, yarn, fabric, iPad, iPhone, paper, pencils, pens. Made clothes for me, clothes for small peeps. Home decorations, decorations for others. Baked cakes, made sweets, preserved fruit – sharing this manna with an appreciative few. Shared creative ideas and taught family, friends and students new skills. Watched my nieces and godchildren be influenced and want to create. Written and received letters. I’ve learnt new skills and honed old. I’ve made and remade when making didn’t quite work. Most important I think is that I’ve committed to the completion of a project for myself, and seen it through from one end to the other. Not for my work, my career; not for family or friends; not for financial gain or necessity – it’s been completed for me, for my well-being.

On to this year then…there’s a few things on my mind:

  1. January plank challenge – plank every day for as long as possible
  2. 12 dresses in 12 months (or items of clothing, for me, for others…)
  3. House jobs – redecorating, sorting, all *that* stuff
  4. Picking up a violin again…

Meanwhile to maintain the everyday creativity as far as possible (nothing so far today, but if I try deliberately not to do anything I may get itchy fingers and just have to do something!), including writing letters regularly not just to nieces but to other friends and family. Using up my yarn stash (and really not buying any more until everything I already have it used up!) and my fabric stash – including actually making things from all the pieces of fabric I have purchased due to falling in love with the patterns – I have to get past the fear that it might not end well!

Either way – I’m fairly certain this will be the last post on this blog (unless I end up blogging whatever challenges I aim to rise to this year – in which case there’s a chance there might a post here directing peeps to the new one!). In the meanwhile – thank you to everyone who has visited, liked, commented; it has meant a great deal to me as the year has progressed to know others have been sharing a little of my journey and from an awesome diversity of countries too!

The countries from which people have visited.
The countries from which people have visited.

Day 42

Finishing up yesterday's project
Finishing up yesterday’s project

So yesterday I was messing around with some paper cutting, and this ‘happy birthday’ began to take an interesting form as the letters stood up. Today I finished off cutting it out and decided to attach it to a piece of black card – attached with some glue tape, some of the letters would have stayed stuck down altogether so I dug out some star ‘glitter’ I’ve had since forever (I think since I was about 9!) and stuck stars on to all the exposed glue. 

Starry birthday
Starry birthday

I didn’t want all the letters to stay stuck when removed from the envelope. I had almost forgotten about the ‘glitter’ pieces, there are stars and hearts. I remember being given them as a child – I still have them because partly I didn’t have ideas on how to use them, but also because I remember thinking them so pretty I didn’t want to ‘waste’ them. This is a tendency I work hard at shaking – it’s not something I struggle with so much these days, holding on unnecessarily!

Paper cut Cinderella standing out
Paper cut Cinderella standing out

On the ‘front’ I’ve fixed the Cinderella paper cut from yesterday, I like how it stands out against the black. Hoping the recipient likes it too, but I’ve had fun making it. Then of course we need to make the envelope equally pretty …

Day 35

New Home Card

Been making sewn cards this evening – finishing last night’s make and creating a new card. Friends moved house recently – they sent their change of address card last week – it’s taken until now to get properly organised as I made a card last week which I wasn’t overly keen on. This one comes from a Poppy Treffry idea in her first book about free machine embroidery. 

Weighty green fabric, navy blue corduroy for the body of the house, a couple of spots for windows and some Cath Kidston print lawn for the roof. The whole stitched around as if sketched with electric blue embroidery thread. This is then wrapped around a card, with a slightly smaller piece of card inside to sandwich the fabric – the whole stitched around. 

It made me realise how I could finish last evening’s ‘welcome’ to the new baby too. All in all a happy evening of creativity. 

Finished card and gift
Finished card and gift

Day 33

Finished letter to Mum
Finished letter to Mum

As begun earlier in the week and here finished at last! Full of news for my Mum. She’ll enjoy receiving this in a couple days time. 

In all its glory ...
In all its glory …

I’ll be seeing my parents in just a couple of weeks, and I’m looking forward to another week of relaxing and creating – and not doing the washing-up!

I’m writing this over a cup of tea and slice of soda bread (I had to make another loaf for breakfast today as we consumed yesterday’s very quickly!) – my cousin has left to return home furnished with a chunk of fudgy raspberry cake to enjoy with her husband and I have spent a little while organising dinners for the majority of the week (it promises to be a VERY busy one – more so than usual) and warding off the desire to nap by finishing up my letter to Mum with all the news of the week and weekend. 

I am very happy to report that said fudgy raspberry chocolate cake is decidedly yummy – well worth a revisit, perhaps indeed for the birthday cake required next Monday. 

The whole creative thing is pretty easy on a weekend, it’s the weeks which are a potential struggle, and I foresee this week being very much so – but I shall not be dissuaded from my purpose!