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Day 44

Outline bird sketch – requires improvement 🙂

Been sketching at the iPad again – messing with the idea of a black background this time around! Another day with more time and energy I shall work on a bird some more… So I turned my hand to more of a patterned doodle…

Graphic flowers – a little brightness

Day 37

Doodling letters

I’ve been doodling again – on the iPad I confess, as opposed to pencil and paper! Another birthday approaches, so thinking about lettering for embroidery or paper based, I am as yet undecided. I thought it might be nice to make something to keep, perhaps to hang on a wall – toying with ideas. 

Then I got to doodling my hand as I held the iPad, whilst studying art A Level (several moons ago now!) I became quite adept at this particular view, I used it to focus myself, practise my observation – never any good at faces, I quite enjoyed the angles and curves of a hand. This week at work I observed an art teacher discussing concentration with a group of intervention students. He talked about how important it is to look, let your mind relax and see – he talked of exercises he completes with his students and it got me thinking once more about how much I loved to paint particularly, and how proud I felt when I produced a still life entirely in pencil.

Doodling hands


Day 33

Finished letter to Mum
Finished letter to Mum

As begun earlier in the week and here finished at last! Full of news for my Mum. She’ll enjoy receiving this in a couple days time. 

In all its glory ...
In all its glory …

I’ll be seeing my parents in just a couple of weeks, and I’m looking forward to another week of relaxing and creating – and not doing the washing-up!

I’m writing this over a cup of tea and slice of soda bread (I had to make another loaf for breakfast today as we consumed yesterday’s very quickly!) – my cousin has left to return home furnished with a chunk of fudgy raspberry cake to enjoy with her husband and I have spent a little while organising dinners for the majority of the week (it promises to be a VERY busy one – more so than usual) and warding off the desire to nap by finishing up my letter to Mum with all the news of the week and weekend. 

I am very happy to report that said fudgy raspberry chocolate cake is decidedly yummy – well worth a revisit, perhaps indeed for the birthday cake required next Monday. 

The whole creative thing is pretty easy on a weekend, it’s the weeks which are a potential struggle, and I foresee this week being very much so – but I shall not be dissuaded from my purpose!


Day 6


Today felt like a doodle day – first day back at work – something which required no thinking but just following where my hand leads. It’s been a long while since I drew something ‘proper’, having studied art at A Level I left it behind almost as soon as I’d completed the exam. In my head I can ‘see’ myself drawing, I just need to pick up a pencil and practice. Perhaps that’s something I’ll manage in my year of creativity. 

Today’s #creative365 time had no aim other than the doodle. There’s no outcome meant for display or to gift to someone else. It’s literally just this moment. That’s ok. It’s all I needed.