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Day 277

A little of a few things today. Finished the crochet rabbit from yesterday. Took a stroll as the rain began to clear away, so took a couple shots of the beach and the sea. Finally made a proper effort on refinishing the fish dress, only to be foiled but the bobbin thread running out, do guess that’ll have to wait until tomorrow!





Day 205

Made a dress. In the new creative space. ‘Twas brilliant to do so. The fabric for this came from Spain I think in the seventies, raided from my Mum’s stash a while ago. Until now I couldn’t work out what to do with it, as it’s a 46″ repeat. I like the basic idea, but at the moment it swamps me, thereby looking something like a nightie, due to expanse and length.

Thinking about shortening it somehow, but in order to do so successfully I’d have to redo the whole neckline as the lift would have to come from the top. Alternatively I played around with a belt and quite liked it, so thinking of adding a drawstring which would give it a waist, raise the hemline and make the top half nice and generous…


Day 89

Made some cupcakes today, experimenting with peanut butter cream cheese frosting…yum.

In other news, I finished the jacket, I’m feeling quite proud of myself overall. Set sleeves, bias bound my sleeve seams, slip-stitched the facing by hand. My Mum taught me to sew, working on this today and talking with her over a video chat whilst slip-stitching sleeve facings seemed appropriate it being Mothering Sunday. She made so many of her own clothes before being mother to three children and working pretty much full time took over her creative time. When I suggested to her earlier she could make a dress, she was very cautious, next time she comes for a visit, reckon we should make something for her together. Going to let the photos do the talking today – from no facings, to all done, pressed and ready to wear.







Day 82

More work on the dress, first off stitching the darts and then stitching side seams and shoulders. Not feeling overly confident that I’ve cut the right size pattern, but time will tell!

Feeling proud of myself for wholly following instructions so far, so I’ve even stitched the facing properly 🙂 Then I had a think about the bias tape for the armholes and decided to make some so it would contrast like the facing and skirt.


Finally finished the armholes, and there today I rest.