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Day 228

My recent holiday sojourn began with catching up with old friends where my parents still live. Being a mildly useless birthday tracking friend sometimes I managed to miss a significant birthday for one of the friends I caught up with. She and her family had my parents and me over for dinner and were wonderful hosts (as always) so I wanted to express my appreciation, and make up for missing the birthday. I’ve made them a set of personalised napkins…IMG_2309.JPG







Day 198

Another day of student based crafting, yr7-9 making embroidery hoop art, some stunning work! I took a piece of fabric to work with me to cut and press seams ready, and have whizzed it up in an hour since I got home. It may just be my new favourite thing – I feel some more variations coming on before my holiday away! 20140717-182012-66012104.jpg

20140717-182019-66019531.jpgA few of their pieces too…






20140717-182213-66133102.jpgIt’s been a privilege to watch them work, especially today when so many of them have turned their hands to some delicate and beautiful embroidery, so proud!

Day 28

Hooping up and dropping the feed dogs

After reading through my book mountain again yesterday and making the card last week I thought I’d practice my free machine embroidery again. It’s been a while since I did any of this, so a little warm up of skills is in order – not sure where I’m going with this yet, if it’s going to be a new project, I think it might…

I have some beautiful glossy machine embroidery thread and I just started making shapes – and remembered the need to make adjustments as you go along. I’m enjoying the roundness of the shapes I’ve made here – thinking I might need to have another go at such a pattern again – perhaps on some weightier fabric, designed to hang in a frame on the wall. 

Today, like so many other work days I felt utterly exhausted and not in the least like being creative – but I’ve made some ‘proper’ sustenance for dinner and spent 15 minutes working on this – I feel better for it, but also glad that I shall now relax wholly into doing nothing – an art in itself!