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Day 50


We finished Mum’s creation. I love it and am really proud of how she’s practised and focused on getting her stitching right. Mum is something of a perfectionist though, so this craft doesn’t entirely agree with her! She wants her lines to be perfect, and they’re not – however in my view, the finished item looks pretty darn lovely 🙂




Mum has also been completing a gorgeous little set for my cousin’s baby, cardigan and leg warmers, I felt they deserved to be here too…


I spent a moment or two crocheting a little something to leave with her, a coaster to sit beside her bed for her morning cuppa – she likes it! (Don’t tell her but I’ve also started a crochet necklace for her birthday too!)


Day 42

Finishing up yesterday's project
Finishing up yesterday’s project

So yesterday I was messing around with some paper cutting, and this ‘happy birthday’ began to take an interesting form as the letters stood up. Today I finished off cutting it out and decided to attach it to a piece of black card – attached with some glue tape, some of the letters would have stayed stuck down altogether so I dug out some star ‘glitter’ I’ve had since forever (I think since I was about 9!) and stuck stars on to all the exposed glue. 

Starry birthday
Starry birthday

I didn’t want all the letters to stay stuck when removed from the envelope. I had almost forgotten about the ‘glitter’ pieces, there are stars and hearts. I remember being given them as a child – I still have them because partly I didn’t have ideas on how to use them, but also because I remember thinking them so pretty I didn’t want to ‘waste’ them. This is a tendency I work hard at shaking – it’s not something I struggle with so much these days, holding on unnecessarily!

Paper cut Cinderella standing out
Paper cut Cinderella standing out

On the ‘front’ I’ve fixed the Cinderella paper cut from yesterday, I like how it stands out against the black. Hoping the recipient likes it too, but I’ve had fun making it. Then of course we need to make the envelope equally pretty …

Day 41

Prepping for paper cutting experimenting

Today I’m playing with paper cutting – never done it with such deliberation (obviously I’ve cut paper before 😉 just not like this) and it’s not as easy as the outcome might look – not my outcome you understand, like, really proper outcomes!20140210-192829.jpg

Paper cut Cinderella

I’m playing with this as an idea for a birthday card/gift later in the week, though I’ll have to have it finished tomorrow evening if it’s to reach its destination in time! After the Cinderella cut from a template I found on a delightful blog called Scherenschnitte where she has many delightful templates and instructions.

Playing with letters

I had printed out several different fonts for ideas – started cutting and realised that I could stand the letters up, I quite like the effect, thinking though I should maybe print onto some coloured paper and cut from there – some ideas to allow percolation time to, I can decide tomorrow. 

Truthfully I’m not sure this is a craft for me, I’m a little impatient I think, maybe not precise enough – but I’m not ready to move on just yet, a little more playing might be needed first. 

Day 40

Cake, cake and more cake
Cake, cake and more cake

A day of cake! The one on the left is the remains of last evening’s offering – enough icing left to make lemon fairy cakes for a bake sale at work this week, unintentional organisation! Another fudgy raspberry cake ready for that birthday tomorrow I’ve been mentioning 🙂

I’d planned to brave the breeze tomorrow and cycle to work…not sure this plan will work 😉

Day 39

Black cotton crochet coasters
Black cotton crochet coasters

So the trial last evening had to come apart as I’d made an error – but I’ve made a complete set today, I like them! Think I may have to make something similar for myself in a different colour. I think the friend they are intended for will really like them as they marry modernist monochrome with ‘old-fashioned’ craft. 

Once I got going they were really quick, well about 30 minutes a piece – I reckon that’s quick 🙂 They’re just four rounds each in variations of trebles. I’m mostly impressed that they are the same size. If I make them for me I think I might use a magic loop for the centre so that it can be pulled tight – there would be no hole. Worth experimenting with anyway.

I’ve also been baking this evening – a lemon cake with lemon drizzle topping and grated white chocolate! Friends are coming around the dinner, so we need dessert!!! There will be more baking tomorrow – that will be my creative time. A birthday cake for the recipient of the coaster and I’ve promised some cupcakes for sale at work – ah the things we promise 🙂

Day 25

Finished necklace and brooch
Finished necklace and brooch

As promised I set about making a gift for my friend Nic – whose birthday is today (yes, I know it should be there already – she had her card this morning with a little something in it!). She tells me she often wears navy blue – which made the colour inspiration quite straight forward! I thought I’d combine, and refine a couple of the things I’ve made recently. The crochet necklace is longer this time, with 103 chain for the shortest length. The flowers I’ve made to add to the necklace are a little different to the ones I made for the brooch. This time the petal shape is cut rather than folded and the edges raw – over time they may fray a little, but to my mind that will add to the charm!

The fabrics for the necklace flower include some up-cycled navy wool from a coat which my mother owned in the 1960s – at some point after she stopped wearing it, she took it apart at the seams, intending to remake it as something else, she never did. I inherited it when she passed her stash on to me a couple of years ago – it makes a brilliant base for a variety of makes. I used another circle of the wool to glue the brooch flowers to before I stitched them on to the brooch back. This way they are more stable as there are two this time. 

The two flowers for the brooch are smaller than the ones I made previously and I thought the pearl bead centres are quite perfect for the size of flower. 

I do hope that my friend Nic will enjoy wearing them as much as I have enjoyed making them…there’s a chance these may have inspired me for another couple of birthdays coming up!

The best thing about making things repeatedly is that it helps refine the process…and these are giving me great ideas for makes for Activities Week at work in the summer – Happy Saturday folks 🙂