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Month 11

I’m so proud that I’ve continued on my creative journey throughout this year. I think I can genuinely say that creativity has become a habit. One which needs nurturing, but a good habit to keep. The month started with a long journey home from the Lake District. There’s been ribbon tree making with sticks gathered from Scottish woods. The plum and bramble vodkas have been decanted into bottles. More sticks have been turned into a hanging Christmas tree ready to decorate. Christmas tree hanging decorations sewn and embroidered for gifts. Finally I’ve molded and now decorated some air dry clay bowls inspired by this post. Mine, though, are somewhat neon. 




I think the pink and gold are my favourites, closely followed by the yellow! Something about neon really makes me smile. 

December will bring more sewing projects, bound to be making some fudge and baking some Christmas biscuits. There’s a birthday cake to be baked for one birthday and finally completing these for a sixth birthday next weekend!


Day 201

The neon obsession continues…another top, with a deeper pleat at the back and less, but deeper, pleats in the front. Going to wear it in my day out tomorrow 🙂

20140720-201120-72680806.jpg The fabric seemed to call for some decoration, so I’ve added some neon stripes on the front, and three lines of stitching on the back hem.


20140720-201232-72752339.jpgAnd here’s how it looks…