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Day 361

The heart mountain of yesterday has been run through the sewing machine (two together so double sided) and turned into bunting, which now adorns the hallway. There’s a strong chance I made need to make some more to decorate the rest of the hallway!IMG_2706.JPGIMG_0040.JPG




Arranged on broadly rainbow fashion, enough hearts to run through the arrangement twice.

Day 359

Christmas Day you say? Indeed, but still time for a little creativity…thinking about a star garland to hang permanently in the hallway at home! That will have to wait until I return there though! It’s been a stunning day, including a lovely walk beside the sea. Merry Christmas people, I hope you find blessings this holiday season and into the coming year. May the light shine upon you.



Made a Christmas list this year, including this lovely item, thank you Mum!


Already planning some lovely creativity with this…. 🙂

Day 41

Prepping for paper cutting experimenting

Today I’m playing with paper cutting – never done it with such deliberation (obviously I’ve cut paper before 😉 just not like this) and it’s not as easy as the outcome might look – not my outcome you understand, like, really proper outcomes!20140210-192829.jpg

Paper cut Cinderella

I’m playing with this as an idea for a birthday card/gift later in the week, though I’ll have to have it finished tomorrow evening if it’s to reach its destination in time! After the Cinderella cut from a template I found on a delightful blog called Scherenschnitte where she has many delightful templates and instructions.

Playing with letters

I had printed out several different fonts for ideas – started cutting and realised that I could stand the letters up, I quite like the effect, thinking though I should maybe print onto some coloured paper and cut from there – some ideas to allow percolation time to, I can decide tomorrow. 

Truthfully I’m not sure this is a craft for me, I’m a little impatient I think, maybe not precise enough – but I’m not ready to move on just yet, a little more playing might be needed first.