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The Covid-19 Chronicles: Day 75

Creativity has continued, but slowed since those first weeks. Parenting, exercising and working have taken a front seat more often than not. Still, we’ve been busy, individually and collectively.

Baking has definitely continued to be a major part of life, both pragmatically and for culinary delight. Bread a couple of times a week means some form of cinnamon roll, or pesto roll or pizza alongside the bread. Various cakes for birthdays and just because…

No knitting or crochet, though the yarn keeps peeking at me, especially when we rearranged all the furniture the other day which involved unpacking and reorganising all the fabric and yarn stash…

Lots of ‘art’ with chalks and stamps and paints. We’ve even lured the Tall one into our creativity…sometimes protesting gently that he’ll just sit and watch, but almost always unable to resist the temptation to get involved. Just today we’ve tried out making some white clay to imprint flowers.

Sewing though, little bits here and there and a pair of cobbled together dungarees – no printer = no pattern. They work though, and I know what I’ll change for next time. There’ll be a next time!

All links to any recipes or instructions or patterns at the end of the post.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something along the way, but if I have the spirit of it is here in this collection. I’m loving that Small one talks about ‘doing craft’ and that she wants to do her own sewing and knitting. Our favoured quiet time activity is watching the Sewing Bee or Bake-Off. She just doesn’t understand why someone always has to go home…

Things are changing up again, within the next two weeks we will, perhaps, know how soon we will both be back to work and pre-Covid life…mixed feelings about this as I for one have finally settled into a happy groove of working, family adventuring and creating. Just being…

Wild Things to Make – Kirsty Hartley

Sew Adorable – Vanessa Mooncie

Flatbread recipe

Baker’s clay recipe

Bubble mixes

Little Brian Paint Sticks

Rabbit Biscuits

Mary Berry Fork Biscuits

Chocolate and beetroot blitz cake


Vegan lemon and lime loaf (used for strawberry cupcakes and adapted for chocolate cupcakes)

Day 205

Made a dress. In the new creative space. ‘Twas brilliant to do so. The fabric for this came from Spain I think in the seventies, raided from my Mum’s stash a while ago. Until now I couldn’t work out what to do with it, as it’s a 46″ repeat. I like the basic idea, but at the moment it swamps me, thereby looking something like a nightie, due to expanse and length.

Thinking about shortening it somehow, but in order to do so successfully I’d have to redo the whole neckline as the lift would have to come from the top. Alternatively I played around with a belt and quite liked it, so thinking of adding a drawstring which would give it a waist, raise the hemline and make the top half nice and generous…


Day 173

Trying to work out how to do the neckline and the placket today. Managed the neckline (though it’s not sitting smoothly, hoping that will fix itself when I add the placket opening) and had a play with how to cut the placket. I’ve left that part until tomorrow as I always think it’s best to allow the solution to percolate a little 🙂 I’m hoping I’ll have time to fetch the extra fabric for the sleeves tomorrow, though it may need to wait until Tuesday…


20140622-200154.jpgAttempting to design the placket.


Day 166

A top for niece no. 3, maybe not to wear with the trousers, but have enough left to make a t-shirt inspired by this one from the Purlbee. Whilst this one is designed for 3-5 year olds, turns out niece no. 3 isn’t all that much bigger than a tall 5 year old! (She’s going to be 9!)
Look like a couple of rectangles? It’ll be the t-shirt, honest 🙂

Freehanding the neckline.

Here’s how it works, back shoulders wrapped over the front…


It should come out as a pretty boat neck. It’ll need some sleeves and bias tape though…


Everything cut out, tomorrow the stitching.

Day 160

Cut the legs and waistband, but can’t decide what to do about pockets or a top…There’s enough fabric left just about to make niece no. 3 a top to go with her trousers, but of course there should be pockets on the trousers! They’re going to be her adventure trousers, so maybe I’ll find some contrast fabric for the pockets, I think she’d like that. Thought I better give it some time before deciding…


Day 159

Getting very ahead of myself here, niece no. 3 has a birthday in about 6 weeks, but the plan and the fabric have been around for several months already! I realised that with sizes available on this pattern from age 8 – 16 I would be unwise to cut out just the one. This brought a moment or three of wondering how to get around it, until I remembered how easily a sharpie marker pen sinks through pattern tissue…so I’ll be tracing each piece on to newspaper! The legs are done, just a few pieces to go!





She’s quite the outdoors girl, likes nothing better than clambering in trees, so a pair of trousers with elastic at the ankles and plenty of pockets for stashing exciting finds seemed appropriate. If there’s enough fabric I may indulge the top too. Somewhere I’ve seen a pattern for a ‘tool’ belt of pockets and spaces to store things, may have to look that up too 🙂