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Month 9

Seems to have become first day of the next month, rather than last day of the actual month…

A month of appreciating family and friends. Of foraging for fruit and making it into jelly or steeping it for warming alcoholic imbibing in the middle of the darkest winter months. A month where, as always, I give grateful thanks for the beauty of the place I live. Here’s my month…



Day 334

Finally got around to making the onion marmalade today, inspiration from a couple recipes, but in the end, my own creation, just hope it’s as good as last time! My boss was asking me the other day about the making things, I’ve always seen my Mum do it, so it seems normal I guess. I enjoy the process, and hopefully it brings a smile to others.

It was a veritable mountain of onions to chop! None of the process looks great, it must be said – tastes good though!


Considering how many onions go in to it, the minimal no. of jars is a little disheartening!