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Day 191

Card writing to go with the new small bod gift for the other hemisphere…


Then a little baking – final meeting with my SLT link tomorrow – and we’ve been separated for next year! It’ll be nice to have a little treat whilst we discuss all the things that … who am I kidding? We’re unlikely to discuss anything of any work consequence tomorrow! I should point out – it tastes better than it looks – based on this Merchant Gourmet recipe for chestnut chocolate brownie…

Chocolate chestnut brownie

Finally I’ve completed my top…sometimes letting the idea just sit for a while makes all the difference. First off I scooped out the front and back necklines into a shallow curve, then joined the shoulders together – slipped it on, and gosh – all the difference!

Paisley summer top

Then I looked at it a moment more and realised what was missing to bring the neckline in a little bit and have it hanging less from the shoulders – a few pleats in the front and a single deep pleat in the back of the neckline…it may well be my new favourite top!

All finished

Unintentionally I’ve managed to have it echo my collarbone – can’t wait to pop it on tomorrow!







Day 49

Getting ready

Slightly different today. My creative time has come from teaching my Mum how to make herself an embroidery hoop picture for her bedroom. We’ve not completed the project entirely but begun well. She’s tried her hand at the machine for the first time in well over a decade, possibly more like two! She’s made a good start getting to grips with a little freehand stitching. We’ve created the design and I think there’s every chance that tomorrow she’ll decide she wants to make a second!

Cutting out

We began with Mum drawing and cutting out the template for her petals.

Adding extras
Design coming together

Having cut out the petals we had a quick debate about how many, and finally settled on seven. Then we had a little search through some buttons I bought yesterday and her buttons to find something to use as the centre. All this organised we fixed some of the patterned fabric to the bottom half of the plain – giving Mum an opportunity to get to grips with straight lines to begin with. Only after learning how to thread the machine …

Getting to grips with threading a machine
Almost there
Fabric ready

Day 36

Free machine embroidery hoop

A little something for me – the colour fabric will go well in my bedroom. A take on the pattern I messed around with the other evening which I liked. I’m thinking that it would look good hanging in the embroidery hoop – all the excess trimmed away and made to look neat, of course 🙂

I like the doodling element of it – never lifting the needle from the fabric, it ends where it begins. 

Day 29


Another practice day today – received a change of address card from a friend and want to make them a card, like the idea, but execution not quite right. Try again at the weekend I think. In other news, tomorrow is a very busy and long work day, so looking forward to a mini creative moment on my return – think I may start a letter to my Mum, inspired by my letter writing from Sunday.

Day 28

Hooping up and dropping the feed dogs

After reading through my book mountain again yesterday and making the card last week I thought I’d practice my free machine embroidery again. It’s been a while since I did any of this, so a little warm up of skills is in order – not sure where I’m going with this yet, if it’s going to be a new project, I think it might…

I have some beautiful glossy machine embroidery thread and I just started making shapes – and remembered the need to make adjustments as you go along. I’m enjoying the roundness of the shapes I’ve made here – thinking I might need to have another go at such a pattern again – perhaps on some weightier fabric, designed to hang in a frame on the wall. 

Today, like so many other work days I felt utterly exhausted and not in the least like being creative – but I’ve made some ‘proper’ sustenance for dinner and spent 15 minutes working on this – I feel better for it, but also glad that I shall now relax wholly into doing nothing – an art in itself!