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Month 5

This has been an unexpectedly busy month of creativity. The month began finishing off the grey pinstripe dress from the end of April. It is proving an absolute pleasure to wear! A pattern mash-up of the bodice from Simplicity 1652 with the skirt from Simplicity 1873. The fabrics all came from Ditto in Brighton. You can read all about them in Month 4, meanwhile here’s the finished product!


There’s been adventuring in the woods, and so photo taking. 


Then there has been a wonderful weekend away for a friend’s very important birthday in Boscombe, and so baking and more photographs. A coffee cake and birthday biscuits!

All month I have been wearing the items made last month, they’re bringing smiles to my face! This past week there has been bag making for a friend’s Mum, daytime pyjamas (at least, that’s the plan!) and making some alterations to a top I made last summer – another project which will run into another month. 


 The bag is coated cotton, with webbing straps and Laura Ashley pink spotty cotton for lining. 









 These are another fabric from Ditto (did I mention I love that shop!) feeling proud of myself that I’m actually using them! I remembered I had an old favourite pair of pjs perfect for taking apart and using as a pattern. I plan to wear then as daywear, but not sure yet what I’ll wear with them….there’s a little left over, enough for a top – not convinced by the idea of matching, never mind what the current fashions might be! 

I made apricot and ginger jam this week. The ginger is very subtle, but enough. I also took inspiration from a blog which mentioned using far less sugar. This is only around 500gr of sugar to a kilo of fruit. There’s a glorious soft set to it like a french preserve. It brightened up my morning toast this weekend. 


 Finally a little pattern cutting. I took a cotton top and used it as a template. Wimped out of trying to organise the darts, partly due to the amount of fabric available. I’m altering a top I made last summer, it was too big and too square and too see through. It’s still going to be a little square, but lined so hopefully appropriate for work and I’m still loving the neon! 

That’s all for May, until June x 

Month 4

All excited about sewing this month. It’s been a busy one, fuelled by fabric shopping at Ditto in Brighton and a holiday from work! First of all I got all excited about some pretty bird fabric and gloriously soft tulle, so created this:   


I’ve been thoroughly enjoying wearing it with a little hint of tulle. No pattern, just pleated to waist size, lined with a bright blue muslin cut in an a-line and a couple of rows of finger pleated tulle. 

Next up was finally working up this pattern, Simplicity 1652, using some vintage fabric from my Mum’s stash. I used the fabric last year for an idea which just didn’t work, but here it’s found a perfect form. I debuted it last evening, and felt brilliant in it.    



Then a pattern mash-up, pattern hacking fun! The bodice from Simplicity 1652 mixed with the skirt from Simplicity 1873. The fabric, another from Ditto (apparently a Paul Smith cotton with a tiny bit of stretch) is grey and pinstriped. Alone it looks in this design a little 1950s school dress, but I’ve a plan to line it in hot raspberry pink muslin, perhaps with a little more of the pretty tulle attached! That way it’s a little bit formal with a twist. Should be finished soon…



Day 141

Inspiration struck yesterday and today I became certain of the way forward for the fabric and the frock. I’m going to take my first foray into a pattern mash-up…
So, I’ve taken the bodice and sleeves from Simplicity 1873 (same as the dress from last weekend) and the skirt from New Look 6184. Of course, there still wasn’t quite enough fabric, but I’m going to do the back as I thought last night, with a double layer of whatever cream fabric I choose for the lining – still pondering the idea of embroidery with the neon thread 🙂

Hardly any fabric left at all!


Day 137

Finished! I am very pleased with how the sleeves went in…considering they’re the first dress sleeves I’ve ever done 🙂

Not sure I’ll ever get over the length of the skirt or number of pleats!

The advantage of keeping to the sizing in the pattern, bodice and skirt fit first time!


I’ve chosen to use a pink zip, pink thread and show the hem in pink, I think it works…
Unfortunately I drew on the pattern with a sharpie, whilst it rested on the fabric 😦 so there’s an orange streak – not sure if it’ll come out in the wash. Yesterday I bought some neon thread, maybe I’ll add a little embroidery 🙂 The pockets also work brilliantly, so all around, I’m pleased!





As to my pattern adjustments, it fits, perfectly – though I could probably do with shedding a lb or two 😉

Day 134

Almost finished prepping the pieces! Again, I cannot believe someone made this frock in under two hours… I think this fabric is going to be great, it’ll hang well – it has a pleasing weight to it. Not only am I branching out into the high neck and sleeves (it’ll be the first pattern ever where I’ve used ALL the pieces!) but I’m also going to add pockets into the seams closest to the front of the skirt, using the contrasting fabric I have for the lining, a gorgeous and soft cotton with a faint sheen 🙂

All ready to start sewing tomorrow – I’ll have to pick up a zip on Friday, perhaps it’ll be ready for the weekend!

Day 133

It seems I’m a little obsessed with Simplicity 1873 🙂 this time though I’m planning the high neck and sleeves. I have this blue chambray-like cotton with a lovely two-tone sheen and some pretty lining (more of that tomorrow!). I’ve made some adjustments to the waist of the pattern, hoping to be perfecting that area! I’ve also a plan for the neckline…if it works, I’ve enough left over of the fabric to re-cut the bodice if I really need to! More of all that tomorrow too 🙂



Thinking about some brightly contrasting thread, and perhaps a hot pink invisible zip…

Post-dinner I’ve finished up last evening’s necklace too.